Internet marketing strategy

Internet marketing strategy

What is an internet marketing strategy?  Having a website is a start.  Having a website that works for you and your business is better.  However, there is more to an internet marketing strategy than having a website.  Much more.  Here are a few more things to consider beyond your website for your internet marketing strategy.

What are some other things to consider?

  • Do you have a social media presence?  Do you wish you had one?  Or perhaps you wish you had a better social media presence?  Are you on the right social media outlets for your business?  Social media can be part of your internet marketing strategy.  Let All Tech Marketing help navigate the world of social media, and where your company needs to be.
  • Ever wondered about SEO, search engine optimization? If your website has been done by a friend of a friend, do you even know this term?  Did they know this term? Do you know how your company’s website fits into all of that?  Having a good SEO is important to your search engine listings.  Making this better will help your website get noticed.  SEO can be part of your internet marketing strategy.
  • Pay per click advertising, or PPC, might be something useful to your company. Pay per click advertising is a way of online advertising to where an advertiser pays out each time a user clicks on an online ad put out by that advertiser.  Is this type of marketing and advertising right for you?  All Tech Marketing can let you know if this is something that should be in your internet marketing strategy.
  • Content marketing is something that can help grow your business.  If your goal is to be seen as an expert in your industry, you want to make sure your content marketing allows customers to see that.  Content marketing is more than just making sure your website is up to date.  By use of blog posts, visual graphics, e-books, just to name a few, content marketing can be a great way to generate new leads for your business.  Find out if content marketing is right for your internet marketing strategy.

Simply put, there are many things that can be added to your internet marketing strategy, even more than this little list!  The critical element is first; your company must have an internet marketing strategy!  Perhaps you have come to realize your business does not have an Internet marketing strategy.  Alternatively, perhaps you have come to realize your internet marketing strategy needs a little updating.  Let All Tech Marketing help you!

The internet marketing strategy for every business needs to be different.  Your personal internet marketing strategy may encompass all of the ideas above or just a few.  Perhaps your personal internet marketing strategy will incorporate other things not listed here.  This is where All Tech Marketing will help.  By working closely with your company to identify needs and goals we can put together a strong internet marketing strategy, specifically to your business and your business goals. 

Book All Tech Marketing as your web design and digital marketing agency today, and let us get started on your internet marketing strategy today!

The New Rules for Marketing Your Brand

Consumer products marketing has experienced a profound change in the last decade.  From a world dominated by large global brands, established TV and big-box retail models to a world that is quickly much more complex, the changes have been noticeable.   With a proliferation of new brands, more options, interests in buying local and small businesses, technology has changed how we find these businesses, and how we do business.  Not only has technology changed in how we find the businesses and products we spend our money on, technology has changed from the marketing side in how we advertise to find those consumers. 

Whether your business is a small family run business, an up and coming next big thing, or a startup that is just in your dreams for right now, when deciding how to market, there are areas to consider:

1.     What is your brand portfolio?  Who or what is your brand and how is it displayed.  Many small businesses do not take the time to determine what their brand portfolio really is and how should does your client understand your brand portfolio?

2.     Looking to the future.  Where do you see your company in 5 years?  10 years?  Looking into the future can help put into action a marketing plan for the here and now. 

Understanding your brand portfolio along with a vision of the future allows us to look at how to use modern technology to market your business.  What is the data and technology strategy and the roadmap to implement that?  The leaders in this area, are owning their own data, refreshing it constantly and, more importantly, using it to inform the business decisions. 

“There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning failure.”  Oliver Sandero

“Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.” Dharmesh Shah

Let All Tech Marketing make you look brilliant.  Contact us today to get started!

Internet marketing strategy


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