Content Marketing

Content Marketing

All Tech Marketing understands that it is the marketing ideas, not the hardware or software used, that moves your business forward.  Website design and online marketing is more important today than ever before. 

What is marketing without content marketing?  Content matters.  In any form of marketing.  Very likely in online marketing more than any other type of marketing.  We all know what content marketing is, but let’s use an example that makes it easier to explain.

You are an avid gardener and get newsletters from two companies.  Company ABC and Company XYZ. 

Company XYZ does a great job of telling you about their products and when things go on sale.  You get this newsletter via email and occasionally open this newsletter.  Sometimes you even glance at a few things.  Most of the time, however, when this newsletter arrives, you find yourself deleting the unopened email.  And not missing the content.  Company XYZ is not offering you content marketing.

Now let’s say you also get an email newsletter from company ABC.  You find yourself opening and reading this newsletter every time it comes. In fact, you look forward to the newsletter hitting your email from Company ABC.  Company ABC also talks about their products and what items are on sale.  But, company ABC’s newsletter does more.  Company ABC uses content marketing.  They include in their newsletter valuable tips on gardening, interesting articles, things their customers want to know about. Information and tips that are easy to use, that actually work and tips you enjoy finding in each newsletter.  This newsletter is filled with educational information.  Not just products they sell and have on sale!  But things you want to know about! This is an example of good content marketing!  You look forward to newsletters from ABC. The newsletters from ABC are informative, helpful, educational and useful to your life.  In the secret world of marketing, this makes you, the client, more loyal to the brand company ABC.  Sneaky, right?  The next time you think about purchasing flowers or gardening tools, you will think about company ABC first. This is why content marketing works.  And why it’s important to online marketing.

If you are going to invest in content marketing, it is now imperative to make sure people see it.  All Tech Marketing can not only develop content marketing but also understand and know what to do with it to help your company the best way we know how. 

Would you like customers who are more loyal?  Would you like to see increased sales?  These are just some of the reasons to pay attention to content marketing.  Content marketing has the ability to increase both of these for your company.

Let All Tech Marketing help with internet marketing content today.  Getting started is easy; email us today!

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