Business Budget

Business Budget


All Tech Marketing understands that every business budget is different.  Regardless of budget, we can help with internet marketing.

Sometimes we struggle with spending money on something that is not tangible.  Meaning we cannot see, touch, or hold the items in which we have spent money on.  Like an e-book. I cannot see, touch or hold my e-book (although I can hold my phone, and look at my e-book!) Yet, that e-book has value.  The e-book does not take up space in my suitcase when I travel.  That e-book allows me to read in the dark, on a plane, in a restaurant, next to the pool, wherever I have my phone.  Typically, an e-book costs less than the traditional book purchased in a bookstore.   

Internet marketing is the same way.  It may be less tangible, although you can hold your phone, tablet or laptop and view the beautiful work All Tech Marketing has done for your business in the internet marketing area.  However, the internet marketing All Tech Marketing will create for you is just as important as any business card, flier or banner you can physically have printed.  If not more important!  How could internet marketing be more important?  It reaches more people!  More consumers!  More clients!

“And in the US alone, we’re expecting to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023. That’s 91% of the entire country’s population!” Source:

Investing in your internet marketing is critical in today’s day and age.  Internet marketing may cost less than other marketing ideas, and has a much broader range.  Internet marketing is easily updated – specially compared to that pamphlet you just had printed!  Let us help stretch that business budget with our knowledge, skill and dedication to making your company grow.

Every business budget is different

With a web design and digital marketing agency such as All Tech Marketing, your website design and online marketing plan will be amazing!

The New Rules for Marketing Your Brand

Consumer products marketing has experienced a profound change in the last decade.  From a world dominated by large global brands, established TV and big-box retail models to a world that is quickly much more complex, the changes have been noticeable.   With a proliferation of new brands, more options, interests in buying local and small businesses, technology has changed how we find these businesses, and how we do business.  Not only has technology changed in how we find the businesses and products we spend our money on, technology has changed from the marketing side in how we advertise to find those consumers. 

Whether your business is a small family run business, an up and coming next big thing, or a startup that is just in your dreams for right now, when deciding how to market, there are areas to consider:

1.     What is your brand portfolio?  Who or what is your brand and how is it displayed.  Many small businesses do not take the time to determine what their brand portfolio really is and how should does your client understand your brand portfolio?

2.     Looking to the future.  Where do you see your company in 5 years?  10 years?  Looking into the future can help put into action a marketing plan for the here and now. 

Understanding your brand portfolio along with a vision of the future allows us to look at how to use modern technology to market your business.  What is the data and technology strategy and the roadmap to implement that?  The leaders in this area, are owning their own data, refreshing it constantly and, more importantly, using it to inform the business decisions. 

“There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning failure.”  Oliver Sandero

“Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.” Dharmesh Shah

Let All Tech Marketing make you look brilliant.  Contact us today to get started!

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