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Website Design

Website design is be a big undertaking. Especially if you have never done it before.  Where do you even begin?  Do not currently have a website?  Not a problem.  Is your current website design outdated?  Not a problem.  You want your website to be outstanding.  Do not leave this task to a friend of a friend who says they have […]

Internet marketing strategy

What is an internet marketing strategy?  Having a website is a start.  Having a website that works for you and your business is better.  However, there is more to an internet marketing strategy than having a website.  Much more.  Here are a few more things to consider beyond your website for your internet marketing strategy. What are some other things […]

Online Marketing

Why online marketing?  In today’s day and age, it is imperative that businesses have an online presence.  More and more customers are purchasing items online, for pick up as well as home delivery.  Especially now, given our pandemic and the world as we know it. The only way to have a good online presence is to invest in online marketing. […]

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

Don’t know what SEO is?   This is why you need All Tech Marketing! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your company already has a website.  Congratulations!  What was the goal of putting together your website?  I’ll let you ponder that for a moment…….. Whatever your answers are, none of those answers are relevant if nobody can find your website, right?  […]

Local Google Listing

Introduction There are two types of Google listings.  The worldwide web Google listing and then your local Google listing.  Here are the primary differences in those Google listings. The big Google listing: The worldwide web is a big place.  Sure, if you are a big company like Pepsi or Coke, you want to make sure you listings are near the […]

Business Budget

Introduction All Tech Marketing understands that every business budget is different.  Regardless of budget, we can help with internet marketing. Sometimes we struggle with spending money on something that is not tangible.  Meaning we cannot see, touch, or hold the items in which we have spent money on.  Like an e-book. I cannot see, touch or hold my e-book (although […]

Content Marketing

All Tech Marketing understands that it is the marketing ideas, not the hardware or software used, that moves your business forward.  Website design and online marketing is more important today than ever before.  What is marketing without content marketing?  Content matters.  In any form of marketing.  Very likely in online marketing more than any other type of marketing.  We all […]